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We're open year-round

Tuesday - Saturday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Please note that we are only accepting donations during our business hours. Please do not leave items outside when we are closed. Thank you.
Ruthie's Boutique is easy to find.
14 Center Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
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Who is Ruthie?

Ruthie Adler, manager of what was originally the HAPI (Health Associates of Provincetown Thrift Store) from appro. 1977 to the early 90's. The story is that the late Nancy Whorf is responsible for coining the name "Ruthie's Boutique". Nancy wanted to pay for her purchases by check but refused to make the check out to HAPI (having had some "issues" with them) and made it payable to "Ruthie's Boutique". Ruthie's Boutique it has remained... Ruthie's spirit lives on, as does Nancy's.

Where do we donate our proceeds?

Looking Into The Past

In 2005 Ruthie's Boutique was reborn as a charity thrift store under the aegis of Ruthie's, Inc., a not-for-profit 501©3 corporation. In the years since its re-opening Ruthie's Boutique has provided the community of the lower cape with gently used, inexpensive clothing, books, electronics, and other household items. The net proceeds from the sale of these items has been donated to local charities.

In the past five years over $25,000 has been distributed to organizations such as AIDS Support Group Cape Cod, Helping Our Women, Carrie A. Seamen Animal Shelter, Interfaith Council for the Homeless of Lower Cape Cod, the Pilgrim Bark Park, Provincetown Theater Company, and the Provincetown Rescue Squad. None of which could not be done without the guidance of the five member Board of Directors and an indispensable group of volunteers who make it happen day to day at the shop under the leadership of the manager of Ruthie's Boutique. And there would not be a Ruthie's Boutique if it were not for the generous donations of used clothing and other items by the local community. So great thanks must be given both to those who donate their used items and to those who donate their time.

Looking To The Future

In order to make certain that Ruthie's Boutique continues to offer good quality used items at low prices yet also maximize the amount that is donated to local charities the Board of Directors has established an endowment fund the interest of which will increase over the coming years and which will find less and less going to pay the bills while allowing more and more money to go to the local charities until eventually each dollar that comes into Ruthie's cash register will go to some worthy local organization.

Ruthie's, Inc. Board of Directors

Colin Brown, President
Irene Rabinowitz, Secretary
David Lund, Treasurer
Rosemary Hillard
Reverend James Cox

If you have questions concerning or are interested in donating to the endowment, please contact us at

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